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Masters in Computer Science is the study of computation and algorithms. It focuses on the learning of computational problems, information and design of computer systems and their softwares and hardwares.It also deals with the natural information processes such as communication, control, intelligence, perception and learning. In simple terms, Masters in Computer science is a postgraduate degree for the study of the computer system inside out.

Masters in Computer science can be acquired in different fields such as computational complexity, computational geometry, computer graphics, programming language theory, computational architecture and engineering. The main focus is on the Algorithms as it is the main subject of the whole of computer science.

The individuals who are highly interested in having knowledge of computer systems should opt for this course. Masters of computer science becomes quite interesting to those who want to go into occupations such as software engineering, Software developer, Mobile Application Developer, Data Analyst. The ones who are interested should also know that these careers also provide a handsome amount of salary. Also, know that there are difference between Master of Engineering vs master of Science

Now, there are several questions which arise in the mind of the applicants. So, let’s answer them one-by-one.

masters in computer science intro

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Why go for a Masters in Computer Science?

benefits of masters in computer science

Masters in computer science helps you in expanding your expertise in the field of computer science. You can only decide whether to pursue this course or not when you are aware of the benefits of the degree and how it can help you in your future prospects. The degree helps you in the growth of more knowledge and therefore, opens up more opportunities for you—

  •  The first answer would be that it has a good pay scale. The average salary for postgraduates in Masters of computer science is around USD$ 64,000.If you have a good pay scale, you are likely to pay up your loans in 2-3 years. It gives you a good return on investment.
  •  Secondly, it has great employment opportunities. If you are a post-graduate in any of the fields of computer science, it provides you with a wide sphere of opportunities. You will have a chance of working in diverse industries which will enable you to gain new experiences worldwide.
  •  If you have planned for further studies, then getting a Masters degree in the same is a good step to take. Masters in computer science will help you gain knowledge which will further help in the research process.

What is the Eligibility Criteria?

If you have decided to opt for a Masters in computer science, it becomes important to know the eligibility criteria in order to get an admit in the same. Eligibility criteria may differ from university to university but you should be aware of the general criteria which most of the university have. So, the academic requirement for being eligible for masters in computer science is to have—

  •  A bachelor’s degree with honours in subjects equivalent to computing and/or mathematics with an overall 70% grade.
  •  IELTS with an overall score of 6.5.
  • GRE or GMAT scores in a range of 300-330.

What is the structure of the program?

course structure

Before applying to a program, every applicant should know about the structure of the program and its duration. It also becomes important to know the specializations of the course in order to know the desired field of interest.

  • Duration of the program is of one-year with summer dissertation. There are options for both full time and part-time. The programs take place on a regular basis as well as part-time. The duration of both types is one year.
  •  The one-year program has coursework of 2 semesters and a dissertation in summer, which makes it a two-year program. There are compulsory core courses and choices in a number of elective courses. The number of these courses depends from university to university.

In order to choose courses, you first need to decide on an area of specialization. There are a number of specializations in Masters of computer science. This degree provides you with wider choices and you can easily choose which you want to study further. So, the specializations from which you can choose are-

  • Human-computer Interaction
  • Artificial Intelligence
  • Information, network and cybersecurity
  • Computer graphics
  • Software Engineering
  • Computation and Information Technology
  • Programming Language Theory
  • Data Analytics
  • Algorithms

What is the Overall cost of the Program?

Before entering for any Masters Degree, an applicant is conscious of the amount of cost which will incur in the study of a particular program. It is good to plan an educational budget before applying for a program of your choice. So, in order to plan your budget, you should know the approximate overall cost for pursuing the Masters of computer science—

Tuition Cost- The tuition cost can vary depending on the university you choose. But the  average cost for an international student is somewhere around USD$ 40,000 per year.

Living Cost- The living cost of a student is USD$ 16,300 a year. This amount of cost includes accommodation, food, travel, study cost, personal and leisure. 
NOTE: These are the approximate amounts of cost and thus may vary depending on the country you plan to study in.

What are the Employment opportunities?

employment opportunities after ms computer science

For a post-graduate in computer science, there are a great number of highest-paying job opportunities. There is no doubt in going for a Masters degree in computer science if you are looking for a good return on investment. There are many jobs for Masters in computer science such as 

  • software development engineer
  • computer scientist
  • database administrator
  • computer system analysts
  • web developer and many more. 

You are provided with a number of choices to choose from.

Other than this, there are many big companies who hire people with Masters in Computer science paying them a good amount of salary. Every individual wants to be a part of a big company. So, with a degree of Masters in computer science, one can get an opportunity to work with great people in big companies such as Amazon, Google, Deloitte, Infosys, HCL and IBM. These companies hire people from all over the world and provide them a handsome amount of salary. Therefore, this also becomes one of the benefits for opting this educational degree.

What is the salary approximation?

Masters in computer science is one such degree which gives a higher amount of return on the amount of investment done in pursuing the degree. There are several job opportunities which you can go for in order to get a high amount of pay. Every individual after studying for years wishes some kind of grand gift in the form of a good job with a good salary. Average annual salary for some of these jobs are—

  • Software Engineer- USD$ 51,000
  • Computer Scientist- USD$ 1,23,400
  • Data Scientist- USD$ 50,000
  • Data Analyst- USD$ 36,500
  • Senior Software Engineer- USD$ 69,000
  • Mobile App Developer- USD$ 1,15,500
  • Machine Learning Engineer- USD$ 60,400
  • Java Developer- USD$ 49,000


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Top Universities in the World

top universities ms in computer science

Every student wishes to go to one of the top universities for pursuing higher studies. So, if you wish the same then you should have an idea of the top universities which offer Masters in computer science in order to get an admit there. But the question also arises why do people want to go to top universities? The answer is simple, to get a good job. 

The top institutions are a way to enter into a good company. Top institutions have recognition all around the world; they are known for their highly qualified professors who provide you with a great amount of knowledge and train you into the particular subjects. So, an individual definitely wants to study in one such top university. These are the top ten universities which offer Masters in computer science–

  1. Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), United States.
  2. Stanford University, United States.
  3. Carnegie Mellon University, United States.
  4. University of California, Berkeley (UCB), United States.
  5. University of Cambridge, United Kingdom.
  6. Harvard University, United States.
  7. University of Oxford, United Kingdom.
  8. Princeton University, United States.
  9. ETH Zurich- Swiss Federal Institute of Technology, Switzerland.
  10. National University of Singapore, Singapore.


Masters in computer science offers a number of choices in the case of industries. It gives you knowledge in the specific area you are interested in and leads you to diverse industries where you can work. This is one such degree which provides a number of different jobs with a high pay scale. It also provides you with a handful of choices in the type of course you want to study in a specific area.

Masters in computer science is a great degree for those who are interested in computer programming, computer graphics and engineering. The countries such as the United States, United Kingdom, Switzerland and Singapore have the top universities which provide this program.

Therefore, if you have curiosity for computer programming and softwares, Masters in computer science is for you. Before applying, one must be aware of the eligibility criteria and what are the specializations of this course as well as the overall cost of the program. The above mentioned things become a deciding factor in applying for any program.







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