There is an old adage in the technical industry “Good engineers make bad managers”

A vast majority of companies feel that even the best engineers lack the leadership acumen and skill set to manage a technical team.


Majority of STEM graduates get passed over for promotion.

In fact, about 60% of  product managers do not have a technical degree!

If you happen to be a STEM graduate, you must be wondering how can you beat the odds.

Luckily for you, MEM is the tailor cut  program that can help you fasttrack your career to become a technical leader.

Masters in Engineering Management

Masters in Engineering Management is an interdisciplinary  degree designed for engineering or STEM graduates to build the link between engineering, technology and management.

The demand for Engineering Managers is expected to grow by 9% by 2020.

Apart from the market demand, the growth in terms of salary is also lucrative.

Check out the statistics here:

While there is no doubt that MEM  is the tailor cut solution to help you transition into a managerial position, you will have to face cut-throat competition to get an acceptance letter from a top school.

In fact , the acceptance rate for top MEM  programs is estimated to be  18%-24%!

Primary Reasons Why MEM Applicants Get Rejected

Unable to differentiate between MS, MBA and MEM

Why do you want to pursue an integrated career in technology and management ?

Majority of the candidates prepare their essays for MEM, but their goals reflect an inclination towards MiM/MBA or MS.
You need to explain why exactly you want to go for MEM rather than core management or technical degrees.

Wavering Application

The MEM application and interview will have both technical and management related questions, and majority of the applicants fail to put equal emphasis on both.
This results in unbalanced applications which are a passport to the rejected bucket.

Worried that you won't make the cut for your dream MEM School?

 It is natural to have doubts in the face of such competitive acceptance rates.

However, with the right strategy you can create an application that gets you into your dream MEM programs. 


How Do We Help You In Creating The Pitch Perfect MEM Application

Balanced Application

Our specialized unit of MEM Consultants will help you achieve the tricky balance between the technology and management aspect of  the application.

Justifying The "WHY" of MEM Degree

Time and again we have seen applications that weaver towards an MBA or the MS degree. We are fully equipped with the case studies and will help you justify your reason of pursuing an MEM.

Profile Differentiation

 Our brain-storming sessions are specially designed to differentiate your profile from the crowd of 10,000+ applicants

Why You Should Trust Us

We have mentored applicants to get into top schools like.....

Our Success Statistics!



200+ MEM applicants placed

in top schools since 3+ years



We have a 90%  success rate

in helping applicants get i

nto their dream MEM Programs



35% of our clients

bagged scholarships


How does the MEM All-in-One Service work?

Here is a comprehensive video

All-in-One Service Explained Step by Step

Step 1: The Initial Counselling


Which schools can be targeted with my profile? How many schools should I target? 

Will these schools be a good fit for me?  How can your services help me?

These are just a few of the questions we help tackle during our initial counseling session.

By pairing you with one of our consultants, we give you one on one attention and help resolve all queries you may have.

We help you figure out your unique strengths, the glaring weaknesses and brief you on how exactly we can help you.

Step 2: The Brain Storming Session


A consultant can't really help you if he does not have a good understanding of your profile.

Hence our first official Skype call is an hour long brain storming session where we dig into "the why" behind every life step of yours.

From schooling to college life, right up to your current work experience, we dig into each part, cross questioning you on why you took those particular steps.

Why this particular activity? What did you learn while doing it? How did it help you grow?

These are  some questions which will help us dig deep into your profile, and allow us to understand what makes you unique.


The Brain Storming Session is designed to give us an understanding of your motivations and aspirations, knowing which we can help you shortlist prospective schools and decide on your final targets. Hence it is not necessary to have a final list of schools before you start working with us.


Step 3: Essay Content Analysis


The next step would be scheduling Skype calls to discuss your essays.

Here is what we would do:

  • Analyze each essay question, and help you understand what the school wants
  • Dig into your profile and highlight activities which can be used to make a positive impression
  • Help you figure out the content and structure of the essay
  • Give you tips on how the readability and flow of the essay can be improved
  • Make sure that every line is personalized and is unique to your profile

Notes would be taken during the call, and a recording of the call would be sent to you as well.

At the end of the call, you will have the essay game plan, & would be more than ready to work on your first draft.

Step 4: Proof Reading and Endless Edits


Once you have created your first draft and have sent it to us for review, we will

  • Edit the content, making sure there are no abrupt breaks or missing gaps in the story line
  • Add suggestions for improvement
  • Proofread the essay for any grammatical mistakes

Be ready to have your initial draft ribbed with red and green comments, essays take several edits to hone, and we will make sure yours are perfect.

Additionally, we will send you a sample essay of a previously successful student to give you some inspiration on how to align your thoughts.

What will follow is an exchange of unlimited to & fro emails, with successive drafts, until you are assured that the essay you have is the best possible.

Step 5: Crafting a Powerful Resume


In parallel to your essays, we will start working on the other application material.

Your resume is not only an integral part of your application but is also immensely important during your interview rounds as well.

You have a lot riding on it, so make sure it's perfect.

We send you a preparation pack, complete with business school resume formats and reading material, to get you started.

Then we focus on content and make sure all important elements of your profile have been well represented

We pay special attention to make sure the content is properly defined in bullets & proper data quatification is done.

Then we continue to iterate with you until it’s absolutely perfect – as many times as it takes!

Step 6: Letter of Recommendation


The Letter of Recommendation is an important part of the application and acts as a 3rd party endorser of your skills.

Every school has a different LOR format which is directly sent to your referee.

Here it is imperative that you should guide your referee so that he can support what you have written in your application. 

Letting the referee write whatever they want can be a very bad strategy as the LOR can turn out to be too generic or too short.

We will help you understand what the schools are looking for in the LOR, and help you craft a document which can help guide your referees.

If needed we will aid you in crafting the LOR directly as well, making sure nothing is left up to chance.


Want to know more about how the LOR service works? Click here

Step 7: Short Questions


Some schools love to pepper their application with a number of short questions

These can be related to anything from work experience & extracurricular activities to long term and short term career goals.

Via another skype call we will help you craft answers to these questions, making sure you put forward perfect answers that complement your essays.

We will then edit your drafts and hone them to perfection.

Step 8: Final Analysis


In the chaos of getting the essays, LORs, Short questions & Resume in order, people often forget that these are all a part of the same application.

The different elements need to complement each other, not act as singular elements repeating the same things again & again.

Right from the beginning, we take care of this, and upon reaching the finale steps, we make sure to do a recheck and ensure that everything is exactly in its right place.


Step 9: Interview Preparation 

Congrats! You made it to the interview round.

The interview is the only thing between you and sure shot success.

We will first share our MiM interview question database which has questions asked to over 100 MiM grads. 

Then via two indepth mock interviews, we prepare you to handle any type of question that could be thrown at you.

We will also share tips to make sure you leave a good impression on the interview panel, and give them exactly what they want

By the time we are done, you will be roaring to take on them.



In conclusion, we offer you a comprehensive solution to all your MBA application woes.

Leverage our team's expertise & build a winning application for LBS, LSE, RSMHEC & several others.

We guarantee that you will be more than satisfied with our services.

If you purchased the above-mentioned services separately, the cumulative cost would be over 500$.

But with the MiM All-in-One Pack, you get a discount of 25% bringing the total to 379$.

Our Pricing

Let's get started?

Choose the number of schools and the currency of your choice

How many schools are you looking for?

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Essay Editing Pack


     Most Popular

All-in-One Pack


Advanced Support


No. of Sample Essays

We will send you two sets of sample essays of our past successful clients so that you can review the same and understand what your target schools are actually looking for.

2 2 4
No. of Edits per Essay

One school package contains all the essays asked by the particular school and we will offer you edits for all the essays.

5 Unlimited Unlimited
24*7 Support eMail/Skype eMail/Skype/Phone eMail/Skype/Phone
Brainstorming Session (Via Skype)

Through an hour-long Skype session, we will dig deeper into your profile and understand what makes you different from your competitors.

Content discussion (Via Skype)

Before starting each essay, our consultants will help you formulate the essay content, create the framework & give you comprehensive notes to help you start work on your first draft.

LOR Editing
Resume Preparation
Mock Interviews
2 4
Short Answers

Most application forms have short questions attached, we will help you tackle them effectively.

Scholarship Essays

Get a list of available scholarships as well as 3 comprehensive reviews for your scholarship application essays.
Alumni Connect

Get a one hour skype call with a current MiM graduate from your target school, get all the inside info only available to students.

Live Essay Edits

No more sending emails back & forth, on demand Skype sessions with your consultant to work on your essay content live.

Fast Track Edits

Get your essay edits within a 12-hour time frame.


MiM Essay Editing Pack

Alternative Payment link (in INR):

MiM All in One

Alternative Payment link (in INR):

Advanced Support

Alternative Payment link (in INR):

Have questions?

Want to know if the "MiM All-in-One" or any of our other packs would  be a good fit for you?

Just click the button below and set up a Free 20-minute Skype consultation call with us.

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1) Which service should I opt for?

Each package is customized to meet specific needs

a) MiM Essay Editing: This package is designed for people who want help with just the essays and feel they have a fair idea of how to go about the resume and letter of recommendations. Via a comprehensive brainstorming session, Skype sessions before each essay and five high-quality edits, we will make sure your essays shine and show what value you will bring to the schools.

b) MiM All in One (Recommended): Apart from all the essay editing services mentioned above, the All in One features our expert advice and editing services to perfect your resume, edit your Letter of Recommendations and prepare for your interviews. This way we can cover your application from all sides and make sure that the message being sent to the school is consistent with the brand you are portraying. Further, we offer unlimited essay edits & assistance with, just to make sure you are as happy as possible with your resulting essays. This way we make sure your application reaches the next level.

c) Advanced Support: The Advanced support is for people who don't want to take any chances & want to finish their applications ASAP.  Apart from all the features offered in MiM All in One, the advanced support allows you put an extra edge to your application, by offering you unlimited live essay edit sessions via Skype, a one on one session with an alumni of your target school, super fast turn around time on your edits and lifetime mentoring from our experts.

Usually, 80% of our applicants prefer to take the All in One, and we have a 94%+ success rate with the same.

2) How many schools should I select?
Usually, it is recommended to take our packages for 3 schools and above. This has the following benefits You can get a higher discount on multiple school packages (up to 25%) Applying to more schools helps us hedge your risk. It is never a wise strategy to bank all your cards on one school We can help you decide which schools you should take on and divide your school list into dream, competitive & safe schools
3) Aren't your prices a bit high?
Well, they may look so, but actually, our prices are very competitive and even lower than other consulting groups. Just do a quick google search, and you will realize the same. Most other consultants charge much more and are highly commercial, with a majority just offering one edit after the brainstorming session before declaring your essay done. This leads to a template type approach with un-personalised essays and a high chance of getting a reject. Here are some other ways we are different: All our consultants are Masters in Management educated themselves and know the degree in & out You get direct 24x7 access to your consultant, this ensures your doubts are resolved fast We have an overall 92% success rate, & our clients love us. Read our testimonials. Our service is highly personalized & via several one on one sessions we ensure your essays are unique Over 35% of our client's bag scholarships, anywhere between 6k to 25k dollars We are the only company to offer a 100% money back guarantee, this ensures that our service quality is nothing but the best. Read about our refund policy here. Hence you can be assured that you will be provided with great value addition at an affordable price. We would be happy to schedule a Skype call and explain the same in detail to you. Lastly,for packages above 2 schools we do have EMI options as well, so you can consider taking that route too.
4) When would be the ideal time to start?
Usually we suggest having 20 days per application. This allows you to work on the drafts at your own pace, and gives you enough time to handle other commitments you may be having. In fact, the earlier you start the better (we have clients who start 2-3 months in advance) this way you can handle your GMAT prep in parallel with your application creation, and even delay your GMAT as late as a week before your application deadline. Also, in case you have 10 days or lesser to your deadline, please contact us ASAP so that we can help you create a timeline and ensure that we can make the most of the time remaining, and meet the oncoming deadline.
5) Is this service applicable only for the MiM? Because I am applying to another course.
Though we started of as specialised in the Masters in Management, with time and increasing demand, we have expanded into a lot of different degrees, and have helped people with everything from their MBA to their MS and M.Fin Applications, all with a very high success rate. (See our Specialized Masters Essay Editing Page) So if you have any other application requirements or need help with any other degree, feel free to get in touch with us and we can explain in-depth how we will help you out.

The All in One service is our flagship product and has helped hundreds of our clients get into their target schools.

We stand firmly behind it and would be happy to help you understand, how the service can help you as well.