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Masters in Human Resource Management

Human resource management is an extremely important branch of management that teaches interested individuals about the strategic systems and methods of harnessing human capital within a firm and structuring it properly so as to earn the optimum benefits.

In the changing days and times, and with the exponential advancements in the world of science and technology, that day is not far when machines and Artificially Intelligent robots will easily run multinational organizations and possibly replace humans. But are humans really this disposable?

After all, Instagram did become a worldwide sensation with just 19 employees. The answer is NO because even if humans can be replaced physically, their creativity, problem-solving techniques and critical thinking cannot be programmed into computers.

The job of Human Resource Managers, or HRs, as they are more commonly referred to nowadays, is to explore and enhance those untapped qualities in talented individuals and employees, which more often than not fails to meet the eyes.

By helping and supporting employees bring out and hone their true potential, a company can reach the greatest heights of success.

These managers are also responsible for the creation of safe working spaces within an organization so that employees feel empowered to participate in the discussion, develop a way of critical thinking, and put forth their valuable inputs and opinions.

masters in human resource management intro
Human Resource Management is a fairly new branch of management but is gaining immense popularity in recent years.

HR departments within an organization are responsible for the recruitment and training of employees, team building, and employee grievances. They form a major bridge between the management and the employees.

There are many benefits of working as an HR. A few of them are listed below:

  1. Human Resource Managers must deal with a large number of people. This will help you make valuable connections and build a strong network in the corporate world. Also, you will be able to gain immense exposure and work tremendously on your negotiation skills.
  2. Human Resource Managers learn to forecast the future because they constantly have to focus on the bigger picture – long term benefits, profits, and cost minimization.
  3. HR managers get the chance of dealing with several kinds of problems and challenges when it comes to communicating effectively between the top management and the employees. This helps in the immense development of their problem solving and critical thinking skills.


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If the above benefits interest you, read ahead to find out if you have the skills required to fit into this role perfectly.

masters in human resource management skills

1. Leadership and people management:

The most important skill that you will require as a human resource manager, as the name suggests, is to be able to manage people.
If you have it in you to lead a large group of individuals and bring out the best in them by using the right skills of the right persons at the right job, you should consider this role. It is also important to be a good leader and direct your employees in the right direction so that you can get them to be at their productive high.


This is an extremely important quality and is basically an extension of your responsibilities as a leader. It is extremely important to be in touch with your employees at a certain personal level and see a situation from their perspectives in order to come up with the most efficient policies.

This will also make the employees comfortable and make them understand and believe that you completely see their point of view and prioritize them during sensitive issues.

3.Legal knowledge:

Though it is true that HR managers need not be lawyers during a crisis, sometimes they are required to make decisions on the spot and come up with effective solutions almost immediately to subside the severity of an issue.

This can only be achieved with a certain decent level of legal knowledge so as to ensure that you do not hurt anyone’s sentiments or rights and also protect the company’s stance in such issues.

4.Hiring people:

You must be well aware of effective strategies to adopt during training and onboarding processes so that you do not end up hiring a wrong person for your organization who turns out to be a liability.

It is important that you are well aware of certain tactics that can be applied on the spot to test the efficiency of a candidate.

5.Firing people:

Now, this is an extremely important quality because, while it is easy to be sweet and assertive, being hostile and diplomatic isn’t always everybody’s strong point.

You must remember that regardless of how close you are to an employee, they are not your friend in the workplace. If their services are not up to the mark, you must let them go.

It is important that you have extremely effective communication skills so that you can diplomatically fire someone. You must remember to not be rude or insensitive and deal with such employees in a way that is beneficial to both them and your affiliated organization.

Make sure to be decisive and assured while being empathetic about your employee’s situation while you fire them.

If you have the skills listed above, then rest assured that a master’s degree in human resources is just what you need to fit you into this role. Read on to find out more about master’s degree programs in human resource management.

Course Structure and Best Universities Across the World for a Masters in Human Resource Management

best university

While human resource management is indeed offered as a subject in several businesses and management undergraduate programs, it is hardly offered as a specialization.

Hence, it is important that you pursue a master’s degree to gain advanced knowledge and valuable insights into this branch of management.

An individual is most likely to earn a Master in Business Administration (MBA) degree with a specialization in human resource management. A master’s degree in Human Resource Management offers an interesting course structure and specialization.

Modules you need to study:

1.Marketingmarketing management, research methodology

2.Human Resource Management – Managing People and Performance in an Organization, Organizational Behavior

3.Economics – Macroeconomics, Managerial Economics.

4.Industrial Relations Law – Law of Social Securities

5.Fundamentals of HR management – Human Resource Development, Designing HR systems, line Management

6.Fundamentals of labor law

7.Human Resource Planning – Productivity management, Strategic planning

8.Wage Determination and Administration Mergers and Acquisitions – concepts, strategic dynamics

9.Occupational Testing

10.Organizational management and training Principles of labor administration

11.Participative Management

12.Knowledge Management

The best colleges and universities across the world that offer the best masters programs in human resource management are listed below:

masters in human resource management stanford university

Stanford University

Graduate School of Business: Stanford University, with its reputation, promises to provide a unique learning experience to its students in human resource management.

It is undoubtedly one of the best universities in the world and students will definitely graduate with impeccable knowledge and extremely competitive skills to face the world.

Cornell University

Cornell University offers an extremely popular master’s in human resource studies, known as MILR or HR&O (Human Resources and Organisations).
It is one of the best programs that combines the theoretical and practical aspects of the subject to give students the skills of decision making, leadership, and conflict resolution.

It is undoubtedly one of the best universities in the world and students will definitely graduate with impeccable knowledge and extremely competitive skills to face the world.


Northwestern University

Northwestern offers an MBA degree in human resources. It is home to the prestigious Kellogg School of Business.

Applicants must have at least two years of prior experience in this field in order to be eligible to apply to Kellogg.

This is because an MBA is a mid-career professional master’s degree that requires one to have some prior experience in order to actively participate in solving case studies.

university of south carolina

University of South Carolina

USC is an extremely prestigious school not only in the United States but all across the world. The Darla Moore School of Business at USC offers a Master of Human Resource Degree.

It is often acclaimed to be a world-class program with the best faculty and infrastructure.

The course has been structured to address current world problems and includes the technical aspects of the career. This is what makes the course in USC unique and hence it stands out among the other universities.

New York University Hr management

New York University

NYU offers a Master of Science degree in Human Resource Management and Development. The esteemed faculty at NYU are not just professors but big corporate industry veterans to have years of experience and expertise in the HR sector.

This course teaches you to read and analyze data-driven metrics and imbibe practical skills. It basically makes you industry-ready.

masters in human resource management illinois university

University of Illinois

The University of Illinois offers a Master of Human Resources and Internal Relations degree that requires a student to complete 48 credit hours distributed across 12 courses that need to be taken within a span of three semesters.

Eastern Michigan University

Eastern Michigan University

Eastern Michigan University offers a Masters of Science in Human Resources and Organisational Development.

This program enables students to apply their skills to global problems and come up with effective ideas and solutions. The graduates are well equipped academically to become strong business managers and human resource experts.

masters in human resource management texas am university

Texas A&M University

Texas A&M offers a Masters of Science in Human Resource Management. This is a non-thesis graduate program that is only 16 months long in duration.

It is specially designed for mid-career professionals who wish to get back to work as soon as possible and resume their previous roles.

This is done so that they can immediately apply the theories that they learned in practice to enhance organizational outputs.

Salaries and Job Opportunities After Earning Your Master’s Degree:

masters in human resource management jobs careermasters in human resource management jobs career
It is not required to single out and mention individual companies when it comes to the recruitment of human resource managers.

This is because almost every organization, regardless of the magnitude of its scale of operations, considers investment in this role worthy of its returns.

Private multinationals are mostly human resource managers because government entities do not usually function and operate with a profit motive.

Salaries of human resource managers vary from company to company. In the United States of America, the average salary of Human Resource Managers is $81,481.

The lowest and highest recorded salaries are $41,000 and $88,000.

The industries that pay the highest salaries to human resource managers are, in order, other information services, securities and commodity, motion pictures and video industry, cable and other subscription programming, and other financial investment activities.

You can see very clearly that almost all the industries are such who deal with very large bases of audience and customers directly.


Human Resource Management is at a developing stage and has immense growth potential as a career in the next few years.

If you are keen on this subject and specialization and possess the requisite skills at your disposal, you should definitely go for it as it will be absolutely worth it.







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