MiM Interview Questions Pack Review

MiM Interview Prep Pack Review

The MiM Interview Questions Pack is an effort by us to help you prepare for the Interview in a fast and effective manner.

And after selling hundreds of e-books the past application cycle and recording several successes, we are happy to see the resource proving to be so useful.

But don't take our word for it

Read first hand what people who bought the ebook had to say:

By far the most helpful resource I found for my interview preparation.

It was a great help, gave me some much-needed clarity. Thanks!

The best part is the interview transcript, which actually helped me understand how to frame the answers. Was definitely helpful!

Over 80% of my interview questions came from the exhaustive list! Thanks a ton. Keep up the good work!

Really informative, removed quite a few misconceptions I had. I can easily say that I am much more well prepared now.

I found the question list very comprehensive! It will be a valuable asset for my preparation.

I was super happy with the HEC/ESCP Interview List, proved to be really helpful. I even went on to purchase the ESSEC one which was great as well.

Great resource, helped me receive an offer from Duke MMS with a scholarship! 🙂

The answer list gave a jumpstart to my preparation process. Such succinct answers and a pivotal point of reference. It even gave direction to the research I was supposed to undertake for the interview.

This list is so helpful!!! Can't express how much thankful I am!

Wow! This is super helpful. Thanks a ton!

Thank you for the file. They are really useful for preparation for the school interview questions, especially for the personal side of the questions. Definitely a great investment.

Super helpful, really gave me a benchmark to work up to.

Great resource, glad I found it. I was literally flying blind till now, this list gave me an idea about what to expect.

Thank you for the answer list. It proved out to be the most helpful resource in my interview prep for the SAI interview.

Really a no brainer investment when you come to think of it. The confidence it helped me build up was priceless. Thanks for the great resource.

We are constantly adding questions and improving the ebook and are confident of the value it will add to your preparation

and that is why we offer the 100%, no questions asked money back guarantee 🙂

Try the ebook out, your won't regret it.

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