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MIT Sloan School of Management

The Massachusetts Institute of Technology’s Sloan School of Management (MIT Sloan or Sloan) is a private business school in Cambridge, Massachusetts.

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MIT MBA Introduction (Overview of the degree)



International Students




Alumni Network






Course Duration

2 years


Course Fee





MIT MBA Class Profile

MIT Sloan is a leading business school globally renowned for its inventions and pioneering projects. The MBA program at MIT is a full time, a 2-year postgraduate program that will help you become an entrepreneur and give your ideas a trajectory. 85% of MBA students at MIT have used their degrees to change their career paths.

Average Age






Average Work Ex

4.9 Years

Average GPA


Class Size


MIT MBA Acceptance Rate

With a 14.6% admittance rate, MIT Sloan is the third most competitive institution in the United States and is also one of the top institutions in the world for Master in Business Administration. The MBA programme boasts one of the largest entering classes in the country, allowing more candidates the option to begin on a top b-school adventure.

Program and Curriculum of MIT MBA

MIT’s curriculum is based on rigorous and experiential learning. Their Career development office curates relationships, resources and educational experiences to help their students succeed in the MBA job market.

Core Course

You may choose from five majors. Majors include:

  • Economic analysis for business decisions
  • Data, models and decisions
  • Communication for leaders
  • Organisational Processes
  • Finance accounting


The elective is an integrated, cross-functional sequence of courses designed to address a particular skill set or industry for which there is an active student and recruiter demand. MIT offers electives in:

    • Managerial Finance
    • Introduction to Operations Management
    • Competitive Strategy
    • Marketing Innovation

Extra Activities

The Student Life Office encourages and promotes MIT Sloan students’ excitement and interest in a wide range of activities and topics by assisting you in leading and participating in clubs of all types. There are now 80+ Sloan student-led groups on campus, with membership ranging from 12 to 400+. Club leaders are pretty engaged. Every year, they arrange hundreds of events. Speaker series, recruiting prep sessions, social gatherings, and large-scale conferences are examples of events.

The internship is an important part of the MIT Sloan MBA Program and professional growth since it allows you to apply new information while gaining extra professional experience in preparation for the next stage of your career.

It also allows you to learn about a new field or develop your own company concept – the option is yours. The MBA program’s prerequisites allow for both typical internships or projects with a company and the establishment of entrepreneurial companies.
MIT Sloan has a range of club activities on and off-campus, which allows the students to hone their interpersonal and communication skills. The clubs include:

  • Industry Focused Clubs
  • Affinity, Regional, and Special Interest Clubs
  • Sports and Recreation Clubs
  • Art and Culture Clubs

Eligibility and Requirements for getting into MIT MBA (How to get into MIT MBA)


  • A bachelor’s or equivalent degree from an accredited college or university is required.
  • GMAT or GRE score
  • English Language Proficiency
  • No work experience is required, although it can help

Document Related to the Application

  • Cover letter
  • Resume
  • Transcripts
  • GMAT or GRE score
  • One Letter of recommendation
  • Organisational chart
  • Two additional references
  • Video statement
  • Relevant Coursework and Professional Certifications

For international candidates, the committee also assesses:


MIT MBA Deadlines

Deadline Dates
Round 1 27 January 2021
Round 2 31 March 2021


MIT MBA Employment/Placement

If you want to develop in your current area, start a new job, or start an entrepreneurial enterprise, the MIT Sloan MBA program will help you get there. At MIT Sloan, the career service department will lead you through self-assessment exercises, market research, cover letters and resume preparation.





Top Sectors Hiring MIT MBA Graduates

The prospect of future growth was the most important reason (43.6%) why graduates took their employment. Finance (26.6%), Technology (25.1%), and Consulting (16.9%) were the top internship industries for the MBA Class of 2021, with 31% taking internships at our top recruiting businesses (those with three or more hires).

Students accepted positions with 300 firms, and students found the opportunity to make a difference at so many different organisations across the country and around the world.

Companies Recruiting From MIT MBA

Consulting Sector

  • Deloitte
  • McKinsey & Co.
  • PwC Strategy&
  • Bain & Co.
  • L.E.K. Consulting
  • A.T. Kearney


  • Arctaris Capital Groups
  • Citi
  • IBM
  • Goldman Sachs
  • JP Morgan Chase & Co.
  • Vista Equity Partners


  • Adobe Systems
  • IBM
  • Amazon
  • Apple Inc.
  • Microsoft
  • Google

MIT MBA Alumni Info

With an exceptional network of 140,000 MIT alumni representing 90 countries around the world, Students get the opportunity to gain insights from 4000 MIT and MIT Sloan Alumni Volunteers.

Some Famous Alumni

  • Alan Mulally ’82 (Board of Directors Google)
  • Shuman Ghosemajumder ’09 (CTO of Shape Security )
  • Benjamin Netanyahu ’77 (Prime Minister of Israel)

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Application Essay for MIT MBA

MIT Sloan is looking for students who can demonstrate that they will make use of all of MIT’s outstanding opportunities, both academic and non-academic. In addition, they’re on the lookout for people who can help other students have a better time. The college is looking for intelligent leaders who have tremendous intellectual ability and the ambition and determination to make a difference in the world.

The college is looking for people who can rethink traditional solutions and use cutting-edge thinking to avoid unusual challenges. The cover letter showcases your ability that defines you as a perfect candidate for the MBA program at MIT Sloan.

Cover Letter

MBA candidates, like job applicants, must show that they understand how to promote themselves. This is why a cover letter is required as part of the Sloan MBA essays. Keep in mind the numerous basic cover letter themes as you approach this assignment—your traits and skills, why you are interested in joining the ‘business’ (MIT / Sloan), and what you believe you could contribute. These themes are so similar to those discussed in other schools’ “career goals” essays that it may be tempting to just add a greeting to the start of a career goals essay you’ve written for another programme.

Video Statement

Applicants are required to upload a 1 minute (60 seconds) video as part of their application. In your video, you should introduce yourself to your future classmates, tell us about your past experiences, and touch on why MIT Sloan is the best place for you to pursue your degree.

Keeping in mind that you’ll be sharing this with “potential students,” you’ll need to explain why MIT Sloan is the best programme for you. The goal is to be precise and show the adcom that you have done your homework by talking about groups, courses, and the community as a whole. Furthermore, the more precise you are, the easier it will be for the adcom to determine whether or not you are a good fit for the programme.

Guidelines to keep in mind:

No more than 1 minute (60 seconds) in length
Single take (no editing)
Speaking directly to the camera
Do not include background music or subtitles

Organisational Chart

The university requires this document to quickly understand your current role and reporting line. In addition, it will help them clearly understand the internal structure of your organisation. The organisational chart should not be more than two pages.

Letter of Recommendation for MIT MBA

A thorough recommendation can reveal a great deal about you. Make sure you choose someone qualified to speak about your professional accomplishments and leadership potential. One letter of recommendation is required for MBA applicants. It is preferable to have a recommendation from a professional source, preferably a manager or supervisor. Family members’ proposals are not accepted.

Interview Questions for MIT MBA

Interviews are only available to those who have been invited. They are a necessary part of the procedure. An invitation to interview indicates that your application has progressed to the next step of review, but it does not ensure acceptance. Prior to the interview, those who have been invited to participate will be requested to answer two extra questions.

The interview invitation will contain instructions for submitting your essay. MIT Sloan’s admissions interview is based on behavioural events (BEI). Sloan’s behavioural interview has the advantage of following an apparently predictable framework.

Interview Questions (Set 1)

Q1.Tell me about a moment when you were at work (or in a team) and how you managed a conflict.

Q2. Do you believe you handled it to your best ability?

Q3. Tell me about a time when you were in charge of a group.

Q4. Tell me about a time when you needed to persuade someone else.

Q5. Tell me about an instance when you energised a stale team.

Q6. Tell me about a time when you dared to question the status quo.

Q7. Tell me about a time when you didn’t succeed. Follow-up question about how you felt/thoughts when you recognised there were problems with the project.

Q8. Tell me about a moment when you needed support from others to complete a project that you had envisioned.

Q9. Tell me about a time when you needed to seek assistance.

Q10. Tell me about a recent achievement or success.

(Set 2)

Q1. Tell me about a short-term personal objective you want to achieve.

Q2. Tell me about a moment when you led a group to persuade people to believe in something unusual.

Q3. What is your mentorship style? Tell me about a time when you mentored someone.

Q4. Tell me about a time when you wished you had more knowledge or more time to consider your options before making a decision.

Q5. Tell me about a time when you faced opposition.

Q6. Now tell me about a time when you fought back against something.

Q7. Tell me about a tense conversation you had at work. (Follow-up:) What were your thoughts on this particular topic during the conversation?

Q8. Tell me about your firm’s ability to establish relationships.

Q9. Now tell about one person in particular with whom you may have found it more difficult to form a bond than others.

Q10. Tell me about a moment when you had to deal with a difficult client.

What makes MIT MBA Unique

A lesser-known aspect among many prospective students is that MIT Sloan has a very collaborative atmosphere. From the early moments of the gruelling “One-Semester Core” experience through the founding of nascent firms following graduation, most Sloan students have a desire to collaborate with fellow aid students throughout their MBA experience. MIT Sloan considers the art of establishing high-performing teams to be critical to tackling today’s business issues, and it works to nurture successful teams and leaders via action-based learning in the field.



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Q1: Is MIT Sloan a decent place to get an MBA?

Ans-  Most candidates for MIT Sloan’s MBA programme are aware that Sloan is one of the elite M7 MBA institutions. US News ranks it as the #5 Best Business School in 2022 and the #1 Business School in Business Analytics, Production/Operations, and Project Management.

Q2: How tough is it to get into the MIT Sloan MBA programme?

Ans- With a 14.6% admittance rate, MIT Sloan is the third most competitive institution in the United States. With 409 students just enrolled, the MBA programme boasts one of the largest entering classes in the country, allowing more candidates the option to begin on a top b-school adventure.

Q3: What is the MIT Sloan MBA well-known for?

Ans- The MIT Sloan School of Management’s objective is to produce ethical, innovative leaders who benefit the world, as well as to generate ideas that enhance management practice.

Q4: Is there a scholarship programme at MIT Sloan?

Ans- Incoming students are immediately considered for fellowships and scholarships offered by MIT Sloan as well as other MIT departments or organisations. These rewards are given to new students after a screening process that is separate from your acceptance.

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