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University of Columbia MSM Review

The Master of Science in Marketing Science (MSM) programme focuses on marketing analytics and is STEM-eligible. The curriculum prepares marketing researchers to work in a number of industries.

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University of Columbia MSM Introduction



International Students




Alumni Network






Course Duration

1 Year


Course Fee





Based in New York City, the global business capital, Columbia University provides its varied and entrepreneurial students with daily access to numerous key industry leaders.

The growing demand for “analytical marketeers,” who can combine quantitative skills, market expertise, and creative insights, is spurring a growing demand for data analytics and increasingly complicated consumer understanding necessary in marketing decisions. The Master of Science in Marketing Science (MSM) prepares students for positions in multi-channel retailing, consumer products and services, media and entertainment, and consultancy in this rapidly increasing industry.

The Master of Science in Marketing Science (MSM) programme at Columbia Business School includes two semesters of full-time study (fall and spring). A minimum of 10 full-term graduate-level courses must be completed by students (30 credits). In addition, they are entitled to two additional full-term courses at no further cost.

The school’s illustrious academic members are leaders in their fields, doing ground-breaking research on a variety of topics. In addition, its global alumni network continues to expand and influence change.

Columbia University is one of the country’s oldest and most prominent research institutions. This Ivy League college in New York was formerly known as “King’s College” before being renamed “Columbia” in 1784. It is the first college in New York City and is located on the grounds of Trinity Church in Manhattan. The Columbia acceptance rate is under 7%, making admissions exceedingly competitive. President Barack Obama, businessman Robert Kraft, director Kathryn Bigelow, and actor Maggie Gyllenhaal are among the university’s noteworthy alumni.

After graduation, Columbians earn a starting salary of $66,500 and benefit from the University’s excellent global reputation. It boasts a cosmopolitan viewpoint and multiple good graduate and professional schools as well as various institutes for research and advanced study. Columbia University’s Business School, Teachers College, Law School, and College of Physicians and Surgeons are world-renowned. There is also a well-recognised College of Dental Medicine and a graduate Journalism School at the University.

University of Columbia MSM Class Profile

Out of 385 candidates, 34 students were accepted into the most recent Columbia MS in Marketing Science class. Females make up about 58 percent of the class. The average age of the class is 24, with a GMAT score of 720 and a 3.85 undergraduate GPA. The majority of the class (30%) studied economics as a freshman, followed by business (15 percent).

Average Age






Average Work Ex

2-5 Years

Average GPA


Class Size


University of Columbia MSM Acceptance Rate

With an acceptance rate of 8%, getting admission into the MSM program of the University of Columbia is pretty competitive. However, for the students who are desperately willing to study MSM at this university, here are some valuable tips:

  • Consider the personal statement as a means to put your GPA and test scores into context. Then, make use of this time to frame your trip and convey your vision of where you’ve been and where you’re going.
  • It’s just as crucial who a student chooses to write their letters of recommendation as to the content of the letters. For example, suppose a student must choose between a higher-profile reference who knows nothing about the application and a lesser-known recommender who knows the applicant better. In that case, admissions officers encourage students to choose the more familiar reference.
  • Although the programmes seek students who excel intellectually, they do not simply evaluate a student’s achievements through standardised testing.
  • A customised email can make a big difference. Those interested in a specific master’s programme should contact a faculty member to learn more about the courses they teach.

Program and Curriculum of University of Columbia MSM

The curriculum consists of six core classes, two full-term MBA marketing electives, and two electives chosen from the CBS doctorate programme or other Columbia University schools (e.g., Engineering, Economics, Statistics, Computer Science, Psychology).

The following sequence of coursework is compulsory for all students:

Core Course

  • Statistical Modeling and Decision MakingWinning Strategic
  • Capabilities
  • Marketing Analytics
  • Multivariate Statistics
  • Market Intelligence: The Art and the Science
  • Strategic Consumer Insights


Two MBA marketing courses are also required. Students have the option to choose which courses are most relevant to their interests and professional goals. Students can substitute these courses with other MBA electives if seats are available and the MS committee approves.

Students must take at least two more electives to improve their analytical skills and gain expertise in their field of interest. Students can enrol in courses given by Columbia University’s Business School, MBA programme (subject to clearance), or other schools (e.g., Engineering, Economics, Statistics, Computer Science, Psychology).

Extra Activities

Master Thesis

Students pursuing an MS in Marketing Science can complete a master thesis (for course credit) under the guidance of a faculty supervisor. Students will report on their progress on a regular basis. The project will usually be based on an issue in the industry or a relevant academic research question.

Eligibility and Requirements (How to get into University of Columbia MSM) 


The candidates are required to submit two short essays, a résumé detailing their academic experience and accomplishments, at least two letters of recommendation, and test scores to be considered for the programme (GMAT or GRE, and TOEFL or IELTS for students who were schooled in a language other than English).

A $100 nonrefundable application fee is required. Applicants qualified for a fee waiver should submit a fee waiver request and proof of service through email. Only After all the paperwork has been submitted and the application fee has been paid, will applications be considered.

The requirements for MSM at Columbia University are:

  • A bachelor’s or equivalent degree from an accredited college or university is required.
  • GMAT or GRE score
  • English Language Proficiency
  • Ability to contribute in a multicultural setting
  • Relevant work experience isn’t essential, but it can help you get accepted.
  • Due to the high demand for spots on this programme, applicants with grades above the minimum standards will be given priority.

Document Related to the Application

  • Completed online application form
  • Two letters of recommendation
  • One prepared essay
  • Satisfactory GMAT/GRE score
  • Official transcript from college or university

The application fee for the direct application is $100.

University of Columbia MSM Deadlines

The application deadline for the MS in Marketing Science in 2022 was January 21st at 11:59 p.m. EST.

The application deadline for the MS in Marketing Science in 2022 has passed, and the deadlines for 2023 admissions are yet to be released.

Deadline Dates
1st Deadline 21 JANUARY, 2022


University of Columbia MSM Employment/Placement

The (CMC) Columbia Business School Career Management Center works with students to help them develop lifelong career management skills. The employment profiles, abilities, and career paths of students in the Master of Science in Marketing Science programme differ dramatically from students in other school programmes. As a result, the CMC offers resources targeted specifically to the experiences and needs of Master of Science students, such as:

Recruiting basics training includes help with résumés and cover letters, career coaching, and simulated interviews. Columbia Business School’s online recruiting system provides access to personalised tools.

Job titles after an MSM degree from the University of Columbia

  • Analyst, Business Science
  • Business Development manager
  • Jr Product Manager
  • Consultant
  • Senior Business Analyst
  • Marketing development Intern
  • Quantitative Analytics Intern





Top Sectors Hiring University of Columbia MSM Graduates

ESADE MBA enables its graduates to work in a variety of industries. As a result, these alumni are spread across the world in various domains such as 33% in Technology, 21% in consulting, 12% in Finance, 7% in Healthcare, etc. In every sector, there is at least one ESADE graduate who is serving an organisation with the most prestigious skills that they learn during their post-graduation and vast experience. In addition, the vast alumni network helps tremendously in securing jobs.

Companies recruiting from University of Columbia MSM

  • Capital one
  • First Republic
  • Wayfair
  • Welch Consulting
  • Resonance
  • Flixbus
  • Infogain
  • MediaCom
  • Universal McCann

University of Columbia Alumni Info

Their alumni network is a varied, global community of nearly 380,000 competent and responsible leaders who are making a difference in a variety of fields.

Some Famous Alumni

  • Barack Obama, 44th President of the USA
  • Alexander Hamilton, Founder Father of the USA
  • Warren Buffet, Chairman & CEO of Berkshire Hathaway
  • Neil deGrasse Tyson, Astrophysicist
  • Lauryn Hill, Singer-songwriter
  • Thomas Sowell, Economist

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Letter of Recommendation for University of Columbia MSM

The MSM program for the University of Columbia requires a minimum of two letters of recommendation. LOR questions for the University of Columbia MSM program include:

  1. How long and in what capacity have you known the candidate? (No word limit)
  2. If this is a work-related reference, tell us in what position was the candidate employed and for how much duration? (No word limit)
  3. What do you think are the candidate’s major strengths? (No word limit)
  4. What do you consider the candidate’s weaknesses or areas that need improvement? (No word limit)

Interview Questions for University of Columbia MSM

Here are some questions that you should consider while preparing for the interview-

Q: What can you tell me about yourself?

Q: Could you walk me through your CV?

Q: Why pursue an MS? Why did you choose the University of Columbia as your school?

Q: Why do an MSM and not MBA? Why pursue an MS degree at this point in your career?

Q: What are your immediate and long-term objectives?

Q: What is your plan B (or backup plan) in the event that investment banking/consulting does not pan out?

Q: What are your main assets? Could you please provide some examples?

Q: What is your most significant flaw? Could you please provide some examples?

Q: What value can you bring to the cohort/class?

Q: Why should we consider you?

Q: Is there a reason why shouldn’t we choose you for this program?

Q: What do you think is your most crucial accomplishment to date?

Q: Provide an example of a time when you were in a team, and there was a conflict. How did you deal with that?

Q: Tell me about a situation when you failed to meet a client’s expectations. What happened, and how did you make things right?

What makes University of Columbia MSM Unique

Here are a few facts about University of Columbia that makes it unique-

  • Although the curriculum has some overlap with the school’s PhD programme, it is designed for students who choose a shorter, more industry-focused experience than the School’s Doctoral Program.
  • The supportive community at Columbia Business School enables our busy students to juggle life, career, and academics while still having time to enjoy one other’s company and the excitement of New York City.
  • The Columbia Business School Career Management Center (CMC) helps students acquire lifelong career management skills and empowers them to use the Columbia Business School network throughout their careers. 
  • Because of the program’s modest size, the CMC is able to personalise search tools to the experience and needs of MS in Marketing Science students from various businesses.



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Is Columbia Business School an excellent school?

Best Business Schools lists Columbia University as No. 8 (tie). Schools are actually ranked based on their performance on a set of widely regarded excellence factors.

Is it difficult to get into Columbia Business School?

According to the profile, the institution accepted about 1,100 students out of 7,000 applicants, resulting in a 16 per cent acceptance rate (This is the overall acceptance rate for all the courses. However, the acceptance rate for MSM at Columbia University is 8%). The average GMAT score was 720, with scores ranging from 580 to 780.

What minimum GPA is required for admission to Columbia University?

Columbia University requires you to be at the top of your class with at least a GPA of 3.85. To compete with other applicants, you’ll need straight A’s in all your classes. You should also have completed a number of AP or IB subjects to demonstrate your capacity to succeed in a challenging academic environment.

Is getting a Columbia interview significant?

An interview is always a positive indicator, but it does not ensure acceptance. Also, many applications are accepted without an interview, so don’t stress too much about it. The Early Decision procedure at Columbia Law School is very similar to the standard undergraduate Early Decision process.

What is Columbia University's area of expertise?

Social sciences, engineering, computer and information sciences and support services, biological and biomedical sciences, English language and literature/letters, mathematics and statistics, history, visual and performing arts, and foreign languages, literature, and cultures are among the most popular majors at Columbia University.

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