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Master Guide To MBA Abroad

Know your chances of getting in to the Best Colleges for Masters in Business Administration



There are numerous career fields to pick from in today’s society, as well as several professionals to compete with for those jobs! It always begins with a fascination of a graduate, no matter what their academic background, to gain a Master in Business Administration from a foreign country. After completing their undergraduate and gaining a glimpse of corporate experience, most students understand the importance of business fundamentals in the corporate world. Some believe the need to get a salary hike or get advanced knowledge working at a managerial level.

Why Masters in Business Administration (MBA)

Master in Business Administration is a graduate degree that emphasises leadership development and business fundamentals. On the other hand, MBAs provide significantly more for the vast majority of students: a more extensive professional network greater career chances. The major benefits of pursuing an MBA include:

  • A boost to your professional career
  • Enlarge your professional network
  • Get a global business perspective
  • Explore contemporary career paths and job profiles
  • Revolutionise your personality traits

Today’s work market is more volatile than ever, leaving many people feeling insecure and afraid of being left behind. A more marketable skill set and higher job salary are two of the many advantages of pursuing an MBA. A Master in Business Administration can help you build abilities that make you a valuable member of any team. Even if you leave your employment, your business skills will follow you, enhancing your chances of returning to work sooner. Many firms are searching for empathy and team management skills and the ability to plan, define strategic goals, and influence stakeholders from all backgrounds.

In general, pursuing an MBA equips you with the relevant skills and abilities to maintain the company’s reputation and lead a better future for the company through the particular department you are working. Students who want to improve their influencing abilities typically have unique possibilities during their MBA programme.

Speaking of taking up the course of MBA from a university abroad, most of us as students feel the need to travel overseas to gain exposure to different cultures and, most importantly, the living standards of developed countries.

To pursue a Master in Business Administration from a foreign country, being an international student, you need to research. Also, planning the next steps from selecting the land to selecting the college. Before applying for the programme, you need to consider numerous aspects, such as the eligibility criteria, the type/duration of the MBA, financial requirements, and the specialisation that suits you the best. If you are one such applicant confused about making a choice, don’t worry. This write-up will guide you on the right path to create a better judgment for your career!

An MBA, from a foreign business school, provides you with numerous benefits. Obtaining a higher MBA income after graduation, securing a management job, building a robust professional network, and even becoming a boss are just a few of the benefits of pursuing an MBA degree overseas.  There is a significant difference between an MBA obtained overseas and an MBA obtained in India. To understand these benefits of pursuing an MBA in detail, go through the below-given points:

1- A Boost to Your Professional Career

The skills you acquire are also the best tools for adapting to the inevitable changes in industries, markets, and business practices. If you intend to change careers, but the industry advances in a way that disrupts your plans, the abilities you’ve acquired will enable you to adjust and find a new path rapidly. You get a chance to take advantage of economic shifts and discover new company chances where others are merely trying to stay afloat. Having a complement of “soft skills,” such as communication, teamwork, and leadership, is critical to success in business, or any effort for that matter. You must be able to walk the walk, as the expression goes. Having these abilities could mean the difference between success and failure, whether you want a promotion or start your own business.

2- Enlarge Your Professional Network

This is an opportunity for a network of future leaders, and well-connected alumni is one of the benefits of attending business school. One of the most valuable assets you may have in business is a solid professional network. Graduate Management Admission Council (GMAC) suggests that 89% of MBA graduates reported that business school helped them build a solid professional network. Such a network can help you find new job prospects and may be helpful if you decide to start your own business. This gives MBA students an opportunity to network with renowned employers. The consolidated network of people while doing your MBA will undoubtedly be useful in the future. Most MBA schools include access to networking events which are held by clubs and affinity networks and student-led conferences – all of which can help you broaden your network and, as a result, increase your chances of success in business.

3- Getting a Global Business Perspective

Master in Business Administration broadens your business knowledge and assists you in comprehending the complexities of operating in a worldwide industry. Many of today’s best programmes incorporate an overseas immersion tour so that graduate students can see firsthand how to run a firm in a global environment. Choosing a programme that attracts international students would broaden the classroom’s variety and provide more context for conversations. In today’s global economy, don’t overlook the value of this added benefit. The correct MBA programme can help you learn the skills you’ll require to succeed in your chosen field. People who are interested in a specific vocation or industry may benefit from specialised MBA programmes, such as those that provide concentrations.

4- Explore Contemporary Career Paths and Job Positions

Exploring new talents could be just what you need to jump-start your transfer from one career to the next. Even if your history isn’t typical for the positions you’re interested in, you should still apply. An MBA can provide credibility and essential skills to those who want to take on the challenge of working for themselves. In comparison to working with anyone without an MBA, other organisations and individuals conducting business with an MBA graduate will be calmer about the expertise and more inclined to trust them. Hence, pursuing a Master in Business Administration enables you to apply for higher-level roles and expand your career options.

5- Revolutionise your Personality Traits

Business principles such as leadership, communication, critical thinking, and analytical abilities will be taught to Master in Business Administration graduates. A more marketable skill set and higher job security are two major benefits of an MBA, which may add to your peace of mind. The learnings include company management, planning, and even financial management in an MBA programme. These abilities will allow you to efficiently manage your own firm while also contributing to your country’s economic prosperity. Moreover, obtaining an MBA can assist you in successfully managing your time, which is a desirable skill among employers and a valuable life skill. So, inclusive of all such personality traits after the programme, you will be able to witness evident changes in your personality with the education and exposure you gain.

Top Countries and Colleges Offering MBA

A Master in Business Administration has numerous professional and personal advantages. As the MBA degree will open up prospects for greater responsibility, career promotion, and financial reward whether you work in technology, finance, management, marketing, or manufacturing. The degree will increase your communication and leadership skills, both of which are critical for professional success.

In a 2020 survey conducted by the Graduate Management Admission Council (GMAC), 81 per cent of Indian students want to study abroad, up from 76 per cent in 2019. According to the Economic Times, Indian students’ inquiries and enrollment at top Global B schools climbed by 35% in 2020, despite the pandemic. India’s top choices for an MBA abroad programme include the United States, the United Kingdom, Australia, and Canada. The United States comes out on top of top-ranked Master in Business Administration degrees.

Top College Location Degree Duration

Stanford Business School

The United States


Harvard Business School

The United States


Penn (Wharton)

The United States








London Business School

The United Kingdom


IE Business School




Paris, Singapore, France


Columbia Business School

United States


IESE Business School




MBA in The United States of America

The United States published the book on business and provided Master in Business Administration specialisations in every field. The country holds one of the world’s largest economies and a wide range of professional opportunities with pay to match. An American MBA credential carries a lot of weight in the job market and may provide you with the edge you need in a competitive work market. An American MBA credential carries a lot of weight in the job market and may provide you with the edge you need in a competitive work market. The significant investment and living costs, as well as the unpredictability of immigration restrictions, would be a barrier in the United States. Following are the top institutions in the United States that you can opt for pursuing an MBA:

Stanford University

Stanford Institution, often known as Leland Stanford Junior University, is a private research university in Stanford, California, near Palo Alto. The campus is one of the largest in the United States, with 8,180 acres and nearly 17,000 students. The Stanford Graduate School of Business (GSB) provides a Master in Business Administration aimed at cultivating the next generation of wise and moral global leaders. Student Affairs, which is made up of more than 25 departments and centres, offers a variety of support and services to Stanford students, including leadership development, residential programmes, public service, career discovery, and community participation.

For the students willing to pursue a Master in Business Administration, the University urges you to bring your complete self to the campus. As a student, you get the opportunity to meet folks from all around the world who would become friends and colleagues. You’ll collaborate to become tomorrow’s leaders, supporting and pushing one another along the way. Your road to advancement may lead you to unexpected locations throughout your time at Stanford GSB. You’ll spend two years thinking about what matters most to you and what type of difference you want to make in the world.

Harvard Business School

Harvard Business School is Harvard University’s graduate business school in Boston, Massachusetts. It is routinely recognised as one of the world’s best business schools, including a substantial Master in Business Administration, leadership PhD degrees, and several other prominent education programmes. Students leave HBS not just with greater knowledge but also with a solid foundation and practice in how to make challenging decisions and what it takes to lead in a global setting. Considering the choice to find a group that reflects any aspect of your personality will aid you significantly in trying to cope as an MBA student over the following two years. Besides, one factor that makes HBS such a lively community is having someone to draw on through difficult times.

HBS provides a comprehensive, two-year Master in Business Administration with a general business curriculum based on real-world experience. Joining the HBS community means being part of a worldwide community that promotes lifelong learning and career support through peers, teachers, and staff who will challenge and encourage you as you identify and accelerate your path. You will find your potential and leave a more inspirational leader than you ever imagined possible through case method classes, FIELD projects, tech simulations, reflective activities, and more.

The University of Pennsylvania

The University of Pennsylvania is a private Ivy League research university in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. The University of Pennsylvania was founded in 1740 as the College of Philadelphia, one of nine colonial institutions chartered before the United States Declaration of Independence. Penn provides students with an education that is distinguished by its inclusiveness, critical reasoning, research, and the desire to produce new knowledge and understanding of communities worldwide. In today’s global culture, Penn’s teaching and research, as well as its purpose, are more relevant than ever. Penn provides a welcome home to numerous foreign students and assists students’ academic, research, and professional interests in other countries, and is continually seeking to strengthen global ties.

The Master in Business Administration program prepares students to solve complicated, existing businesses or mentor start-up businesses throughout their early years. Strategic and entrepreneurial management, as well as the management of people and organisations across cultural divides, are all covered in this section. Entrepreneurial Management, Organizational Effectiveness, Multinational Management, and Strategic Management are among the targeted majors available. Some courses taken outside of the department can be used to significant requirements for Entrepreneurial Management, Strategic Management, and Multinational Management. The general Management major allows students to select courses from a variety of areas of interest within the department.

MBA in The United Kingdom

The United Kingdom holds a long history of providing excellent business education. You can select from a range of one-year Master in Business Administration. If you wish to work in the banking sector, the UK is the country to go because top MBA grads are in high demand there. Choosing to pursue an MBA in the UK proves to be a considerable choice, and business schools and universities in the UK will help students to equip logical and lateral thinking skills, which are necessary to excel later in life. Following are the top institutions in the United Kingdom that you can opt for pursuing an MBA:

London Business School

The Federal University of London’s London Business School is a business school and a constituent institution. LBS is a post-graduate school that was formed in 1964. “To have a dramatic influence on the way the world does business,” the company’s motto reads. LBS is routinely ranked among the finest business schools in the world. Students, professors, alumni, and business partners come from all over the world, forming robust global networks and profound cross-cultural ties. Many of the courses will drive you out from your comfort zone and into international locations such as Johannesburg, Tel Aviv, Yangon, and Lima to investigate diverse business practices. You are only limited by your creativity when it comes to social and professional excursions overseas.

The LBS MBA programme, based in Europe’s bustling business city, allows students to network with world-renowned executives and organisations while taking in everything London has to offer. The MBA programme at London Business School is regarded as one of the best in the world. In the Financial Times’ 2021 Global MBA Ranking, the groundbreaking two-year programme is rated second. Many indicators showed that the MBA programme was strong, including being ranked second in the ‘alumni recommend’ category and earning 91 percent for ‘aims attained,’ which is a measure of how well the MBA helps graduates reach their objectives and ambitions.

University of Oxford

The Institution of Oxford is an English college research university dating back to 1096. Oxford boasts the world-leading research in the UK, according to the 2014 Research Excellence Framework, the official UK-wide assessment of all university research. Academic departments at Oxford look for students who have the ability, enthusiasm, curiosity, and commitment to pursue higher-level study. Requirements vary by programme, but in general, academic departments look for students who have the ability, enthusiasm, curiosity, and commitment to pursue higher-level study here. Students of various ages, countries, and backgrounds are encouraged to apply to the institution. Throughout your duration of Master in Business Administration the university, the institution strives to provide cutting-edge research facilities as well as personal and welfare assistance, academic supervision, and a feeling of community.

In order to gain more business skills to thrive in the modern business world, the Oxford Master in Business Administration proves to be the best choice. By being completely integrated within a world-class university, the Oxford MBA breaches the business school bubble. You will meet a diverse range of people from non-business backgrounds and participate in a vibrant intellectual community. With over 24,000 members in 150 countries, the network offers an excellent opportunity to make useful business connections across different sectors and geographies, including 23 city-based OBA Chapter groups and 60 Ambassadors who provide an active regional alumni community. Members also receive invitations to in-person and online OBA events and access to benefits that support lifelong learning and development.

University of Cambridge

Cambridge is the world’s fourth-oldest operating university and the second-oldest in the English-speaking world. This research university is situated in Cambridge, United Kingdom maintaining its legacy from the year 1209. The University is located in the centre of one of the world’s most fabulous technological clusters, which has produced over 1,500 high-tech firms, 14 of which are worth more than £800 million (US$1 billion) and two of which are worth more than £8 billion (US$10 billion). Cambridge encourages collaboration between academics and industry and has a worldwide reputation for innovation.

The Cambridge MBA fosters in-depth knowledge, practical application, and crucial leadership and communication skills. The Master in Business Administration offers a vibrant and stimulating learning experience in a one-year intensive programme. It is inspired by the University of Cambridge’s heritage of tutorial discussion and debate. An MBA from the University of Cambridge offers more than just academic and professional advantages. You’ll become a member of a worldwide community to be proud of, with numerous chances for learning, socialising, professional advancement, personal growth, and influence. Becoming a Cambridge MBA is a demanding procedure that is only open to a small set of people with relevant business experience and the capacity to succeed in this environment. However, we embrace people from all walks of life, cultures, sexual orientations, and identities, and collaborative spirit will ensure your Cambridge MBA journey is memorable.

MBA in Australia

For international students, Australia is one of the top study locations. According to the QS rating, it is one of the top five study locations for international students seeking an MBA abroad. According to the Australian High Commission in New Delhi, 70,000 Indian students were studying in Australia in November 2017, up 14.65% over the previous year. Every graduate nowadays wishes to pursue an MBA (Master in Business Administration) to further his or her profession. Pursuing it from a well-known foreign location puts one ahead of the competition. It also provides MBA professionals with a good start. Following are the top institutions in Australia that you can opt for pursuing an MBA:

Melbourne Business School

The Melbourne Business School is the University of Melbourne’s graduate business school in Melbourne, Victoria, Australia. A Master in Business Administration, a PhD programme, and executive education programmes are all available at the School. The university offers a variety of additional master’s degrees in management, economics, finance, and entrepreneurship as Australia’s top source of business education and insight. In addition, MBS also provides students with the skills and experience students need to make a genuine influence in the workplace – and in the wider world.

The Master in Business Administration offers a variety of information, tools, and chances to apply what you learn in a real-world situation. with a focus on practical skills for any business application. You can study for two years to obtain the entire MBA experience and extra time for internships and exchange opportunities, or you can study for one year to go back to work sooner. The university’s Personal Effectiveness Program will assist you in developing the soft skills, knowledge, and traits necessary to compete and prosper in any work market. Job coaches will assist you in honing your job-search abilities, maximising your future options, and increasing your likelihood of success. The Master in Business Administration is available in part-time, executive and senior executive options.

University of New South Wales

The University of New South Wales, usually known as UNSW Sydney, is an Australian university located in Sydney. It is a founding member of the Group of Eight, an Australian consortium of research-intensive institutions. UNSW develops strategic research partnerships with companies to inspire ideas and breakthroughs that lead to societal and commercially beneficial goods and services. That’s why our collaborations cut across disciplines, regions, and sectors, transforming promising ideas and discoveries into real-world results. UNSW is dedicated to forming constructive alliances with the government, business, and the community. The University brings knowledge from all faculties together to provide a one-stop-shop for everything from thorough research to IP creation, transfer, and commercialisation.

The AGSM Master in Business Administration (MBA) is a full-time programme that prepares you for general management and senior leadership positions in businesses, government, and non-profit organisations. You’ll be engaged in active learning experiences and introduced to the tools and skills you’ll need to succeed in your career. The AGSM Master in Business Administration blends classroom instruction with case studies and cooperation to create the next generation of leaders. You’ll study from a globally recognised faculty with extensive industry expertise, as well as from your peers, many of whom have worked for multinational corporations.

Monash Business School

The Faculty of Business and Economics, which includes Monash Business School in Melbourne and Monash University Malaysia’s School of Business, is one of Monash University’s eleven discipline-based divisions. Monash Suzhou in China, the Monash Prato Centre in Italy, and Monash Indonesia in Jakarta are all home to the Faculty’s specialised business departments and courses. The University Program is organised into seven discipline-based departments, four research facilities, and a Management and Executive Education. It is the division that delivers The Monash MBA, the Global Executive MBA, and a wide range of Executive Education programmes and Entrepreneurship units. The School also offers a variety of undergraduate and graduate programmes and research degrees in single and double coursework formats.

Monash University’s Master in Business Administration is a two-year curriculum that includes perspective modules, actual consulting assignments, industry interaction. It also includes the facility to study at overseas business schools. The Master in Business Administration programme encourages gender, practical training, and multicultural diversity. A Master in Business Administration student experience is a shared and demanding one.

MBA in Canada

Canada is a well-known country for all the students willing to pursue higher studies. Canada provides a high-quality level of life and expanding professional prospects in practically every sector, in addition to a number of elegant institutions. It’s no wonder, therefore, that the number of Indian students studying in Canada has expanded significantly year after year. Over 1.3 lakh study licences were awarded to Indian students in 2020! Canada is evaluated as a less expensive country than the US, UK, and Australia while simultaneously ranking high globally and providing a good ROI for MBA. Because of Canada’s lenient immigration policies, most overseas Master in Business Administration graduates chooses to stay and work in the country. Following are the top institutions in Canada that you can opt for pursuing a Master in Business Administration:

University of British Columbia

The Institution of British Columbia is a public research university in British Columbia with branches in Vancouver and Kelowna. UBC is British Columbia’s oldest university, having been founded in 1908. The institution is one of Canada’s three leading universities. UBC encourages creativity and puts thoughts into action. UBC has been providing opportunities for people with the curiosity, ambition, and vision to make the world better since 1915. Both within and beyond the classroom, UBC is a motivating environment. Thanks to a diverse selection of recreational, social, and cultural events, there are many opportunities to do what you love or learn something new.

During your Master in Business Administration at UBC, you can work, study, and travel in ways that will change your life. With the required Global Immersion Experience, you’ll earn international consulting experience while trekking throughout the world. Follow your ambition of being a business owner by taking advantage of mentorship and communication channels with the university’s game-changing alumni. Get to be a force of change in your community’s lives, both locally and worldwide. No additional tuition is charged for study abroad semesters at several of the world’s best business schools. You’ll get the competence and experience to work on the global stage after being exposed to a distinct international viewpoint and varied methods to trade.

University of Toronto

Located in the city of Toronto, Canada, the University of Toronto has its own unique recognition because of its wide and vast areas of study arranged around small learning communities, the University of Toronto is a world leader in academic research, creating an extraordinary learning experience for students. Graduate students at the University of Toronto study and collaborate with some of Canada’s most prolific research experts. The graduate students’ research has been published in prestigious publications across the world, and they also lead the nation in receiving external research funds.

A Master in Business Administration from the Rotman School of Management provides you with the understanding and confidence to improve your career. With Canada’s top MBA programme, you can master business fundamentals and reach your full potential. The Rotman Full-Time MBA programme is for bright students looking for a life-changing education. The programme will push you to stretch your limitations, increase your creativity, and focus your critical thinking and decision-making abilities to alter your leadership potential.

University of Alberta

The University of Alberta is situated in one of the world’s most northern cities. Edmonton has one million people and is one of the strongest municipal economies in Canada. Edmonton, like the university, is a place for people to collaborate with each other to develop, create, and improve things. It’s a location where brilliant ideas have a decent possibility of coming to reality. The university has a choice of MBA programs from full-time, executive and fast track programs.

For anybody looking to focus on business challenges, the Master in Business Administration is a significant achievement and valuable certification. The curriculum will provide you with business acumen and in-demand skills to help you advance your career.MBA graduates from the University of Alberta have up-to-date knowledge, in-demand skills, and the confidence to progress their careers. Also, Students will be required to complete the MBA capstone course, Business Strategy, in addition to our MBA Core Courses. You’ll collaborate with a third-party organisation on a strategic issue they’re dealing with. Your team identifies the potential problem solutions and creates a plan for your customer to follow. This allows you to apply for your Master in Business Administration programme in a real-world situation and get experience while studying.



Master in Business Administration programmes are offered in a variety of disciplines and are internationally recognised. It is a degree that allows students to work at some of the world’s most prestigious firms. You may study an MBA full-time, part-time, distance, or online, with a course programme tailored to your needs. For pursuing MBA from abroad, the major requirements include:

  • Bachelors and average GPA
  • Work Experience
  • English Proficiency
  • GMAT
  • Other Documents Required
  • University Entrance Examinations

Bachelors and Average GPA

Before applying for a master’s in business administration from a foreign nation, each applicant needs to complete a bachelor’s degree in business or a related discipline from a recognised university.

Most of the universities in foreign countries require a minimum of 3 to 5 years of work experience. The corporate work experience adds various soft and technical skills that help the applicants in understanding the operations of businesses. The need of pursuing a master’s is then generated. In case any applicant does not have experience then, they can opt for the universities providing entry with GMAT scores.


Other than TOEFL or IELTS, the applicants applying for Masters in Business Administration should appear for the GMAT exam as a necessary requirement. In this exam, the average score that every applicant should aim for ranges from 650-700 to get into most universities.

Other Documents Required

Along with all the above-mentioned criteria, every applicant must submit various documents to the university. The list of documents includes a resume with relevant experience, LORs, official transcripts, present photograph, a passport, and a visa. These documents aid the admission process as they help the university process a background check on the applicant.

University Entrance Examinations

Some universities also conduct an entrance exam for Master in Business Administration admission of international students. Clearing these exams clears the path of the applicants to get access to the university.

Type of MBA

An MBA degree requires you to step outside of your comfort zone. The MBA program curriculum is meant to focus more on the practical components of business and management. An MBA can also help you prepare for changes in the corporate world. The skills you acquire are also the finest tools you have for adapting to the inescapable changes in industries, markets, and business practices.

Following are the types of MBA that you can choose according to your preferences:




Average Work Ex Needed 

2 Year Full-Time MBA

2 years

More than 3 years

1 Year Full-Time MBA

11-16 months

More than 3 years

Executive MBA

2 years

More than 8 years

Part-Time MBA

3+ years

No minimum requirement

Online MBA

2+ years

No minimum requirement

Full time(2 years)

The full-time Master in Business Administration is a fundamental managerial degree that aims to provide students with a thorough grasp of how businesses operate and how business executives respond to constantly changing conditions and difficulties. Regardless of the institution, the core of an MBA programme will always contain modules in finance, marketing, HR, and operations.

Full time(1 year)

Although a standard full-time MBA in the United States takes two years, European business schools have long offered one-year programmes. However, these places, as well as the rest of the business school world, will provide one and two-year degree options. Practically all lengths in between. A full-time Master in Business Administration’s prospective audience is inevitably divided by such a basic difference. Some candidates do insist that they want a complete two-year programme and others are equally eager to finish in one year.

Part Time

Working professionals who are unable to miss work to pursue full-time courses can benefit from the part-time MBA programme. Individuals who want to advance in their current careers may find this programme particularly intriguing. It can be advantageous for people who have established a range of business contacts that would help them move their careers ahead. Part-time MBA students have the unique chance to combine their studies alongside their everyday professional responsibilities. They may be promoted inside their current company and offered rich and attractive career possibilities.


EMBA students, for the most part, continue in their existing jobs full-time while completing pieces of their coursework via distance learning and/or online. In-person EMBA sessions, on the other hand, are held on weeknights, weekends, and/or intense weeks, depending on the university. And the format is chosen by candidates, and some classes may even be held in different places across the world. To avoid being distracted from their usual work schedules, EMBA students prefer to participate in classwork at shorter intervals. By contrast, full-time MBA students have such rigorous schedules that working outside the school is discouraged. While an EMBA may be thought of as a sprint, the MBA could be thought of as a marathon.

Online MBA

Online Master in Business Administration programmes are offered at a variety of MBA universities and online platforms for 1-4 years. Graduates who wish to work straight after graduation or who are currently working might benefit from online MBA programmes. In comparison to a full-time MBA, the qualifying conditions for an online MBA are more flexible. Graduation from a recognised university and a year or two of work experience is all that is needed. For online MBA admission, several universities evaluate the results of national-level MBA entrance examinations.

Specialisation and Carriculum

A Master in Business Administration equips students with valuable business skills and knowledge.  Choosing the correct specialisation might be difficult. Some of the most incredible specialisation options available and application factors to bear in mind to assist with the process. The main specialisations include:

MBA in General Management

This MBA specialisation is undoubtedly a standard MBA concentration that has proved great for building an all-purpose company arsenal — ideal for a highly adaptable corporate setting. The program is designed to prepare students and executives to manage a company’s general functions. For instance, you could get an understanding of a company’s finances and accounting policies and the detailed examination of data.

MBA in International Business

For the applicants willing to work in an organisation with offices in many countries, MBA in international business is the best choice. It’s ideal for coordinating corporate objectives across international borders. Standardisation is becoming increasingly significant in every area as a result of globalisation. Students will improve their international qualifications in the masters programme, preparing them for managerial roles in the global economy. The objective is to build solid research and analytical abilities, as well as the capacity to successfully plan. Aside from that, students gain a deeper understanding of administration and how to work in an integrated and multinational team.

MBA in Strategic Management

This specialisation provides students with market understanding. It educates how to approach the industry in such a way that the company generates revenue and profit. With several case studies, the degree will educate students about being strategic. Also, the course improves students’ analytic skills and provides them with business research and data acquisition skills. Moreover, it also teaches children how to make excellent use of the information they get. Business Policies and Business Research Methodology, for example, are some of the topics studied in this course. Students obtain a thorough grasp of how to be analytical and predict how consumers or clients would behave.

MBA in Finance

The contemporary economy’s beating heart is the financial industry. In addition, every novice is aware of the influence of financial services and technologies on the nation’s economy since the financial instability. MBA Finance provides students with the abilities required to work in financial firms and general management skills.

MBA in Marketing

MBA Marketing is aimed to provide employees with an excellent grasp of an organisation’s overall marketing scheme and how it affects the strategic approach to marketing choices such as distribution, price, and promotion. The utilisation of branding, principles, strategies, and procedures is the focus of this subject.

MBA in Entrepreneurship

If a student wants to establish his own business or run a family firm, he or she must be exceedingly ambitious, perseverant, and eager to take on significant duties. Entrepreneurship MBAs feature lessons on Business Model Innovation, Start-up Ideas, Entrepreneurial Techniques, and Product Design & Marketing, alongside basic business topics.

MBA in Operations Management

MBA programmes in operations management help students improve their analytical abilities and educate them on how to apply statistical models and systems. Future graduates will be able to increase the quality of goods and services. Along with lowering manufacturing costs thanks to this expertise. A postgraduate student in operations management is primarily concerned with production, manufacturing, or service provision planning, coordinating, and overseeing. Hence, It is a delivery-focused speciality that necessitates both analytical and organisational abilities.

MBA in Information Technology Management

In the MBA IT Management programme, the focus is on administering information technology and intellectual properties in organisations, which entails learning how to effectively manage and use strong and price information systems. Moreover, it also addresses the business elements of complex IT systems and information security initiatives while developing and implementing them. You deal with management challenges in addition to technical expertise. The most typical of which are project or bandwidth allocation and IT security principles.

MBA in Human Resource Management

This degree provides information and expertise in managing an organisation’s staff. Supervisors in command of Employees or working with big groups of employees will find this course quite useful. Conflict resolution, team growth, motivation, work duties, and other topics are covered.

MBA in Consulting

Traditional business courses are combined with lessons on Business Strategy, Organizational Behaviour, Corporate Communication, Advising, Negotiations, Principles, and other topics in the consulting specialisation. Students can better comprehend the influence of company dynamics and human connections with this method. People who like verbal and non-verbal, are effective listeners, and can analyse and offer feedback can thrive as consulting MBAs.

How to Choose the Best MBA College For You

One of the most crucial decisions a student will make is the postgraduate degree to pursue.  However, after students have been selected for a curriculum, the journey ahead can be challenging to navigate. It’s just as vital to choose the correct college for a master’s as it is to select the ideal programme. Objectives you should look out for in a college should include:

  • Faculty and Teaching Methodology
  • Admission Criteria of the University
  • Availability of Specialisations
  • Financial Planning 
  • Student Scholarships
  • Future Opportunities


Master in Business Administration is becoming a more popular option for graduation for students worldwide. The primary reason is the professional training provided for entering the global business sector. Many students who choose to study MBA in a foreign country face difficulty in selecting the right institution.
Some of the most important aspects to keep in mind before choosing the right college are mentioned below:

Faculty and Teaching Methodology

The goal of attending a business school is always to learn about the inner workings of a company. However, without the correct set of faculty giving information to the students, this may be a challenging achievement to attain. Thus, When deciding which business school to attend, consider the university’s teaching and faculty expertise. The use of current technology is a significant factor in determining the worth of an MBA programme. A Master in Business Administration programme will take benefit of recent technological breakthroughs and apply them to the area of education.

Admission Criteria of the University

You can always aim for the best university of any country providing the best quality education. But before applying for the business school, make sure that you fall in the category of eligible candidates. Checking the acceptance rate is the best way to move. This aspect will provide you with space and the clarity to go for the right college. Thus, evaluating your profile beforehand is a must.

Availability of Specialisation

Sometimes, when a student fits right in the eligibility criteria for MBA, they face the issue of not having the choice of specialisation. Even though you have found the one college you are most interested in, do research about the specialisations provided.

Financial Planning

The choice of a postgraduate degree is one of the most important choices that individuals will make. This is particularly true because their professional destiny will be determined by the postgraduate program they pursue. No matter how well prepared you are, the skills you possess and how eager you are to join a particular university, the fact that you need financial planning before joining a business school is a must. However, you must check all the options available in terms of financial aid and loans keeping in mind the return on investment.

Student Scholarships

If you have successfully fulfilled all the requirements for admission and have some trouble with the finances, you should look up scholarships. Several universities provide financial aid to students having relevant skills and abilities.

Future Opportunities

Candidates going for a Master in Business Administration abroad want to gain a better understanding of the advanced tactics of administration. But these learnings wouldn’t be worth learning if you aren’t able to make a fortune out of it. Hence, check out the MBA College’s placement data on their website as well as any other periodicals or magazines they produce. Also, speak with post-grad students to gain a realistic picture of the job market.

Financial Assistance

The Master in Business Administration program can be a bit costly, depending on the different colleges. The price range can shoot upto an amount in crore, which is an expensive affair as compared to Indian colleges. However, being aware of the various scholarships and loans available to the students. Following the cost-effective measures, below are some scholarships available to students that you can take advantage of:

Top Scholarships 


Forte Fellowship 


Ontario Graduate Fellowship


Australia Awards Scholarship

$21,666 (approx)

GREAT Scholarship


Central Sector Scheme of National Overseas Scholarship


Forte Fellowship

This scholarship focuses on female applicants aiming for a Master in Business Administration in the US, UK or Canada. The requirements include a 75% score in UG, 6.5 in IELTS, and 695 in GMAT. All the candidates falling in the category can apply for the scholarship from the website of the forte foundation.

Ontario Graduate Fellowship

This merit-based scholarship is offered to 22 students planning to study in Canada regardless of their course. Students need to who have a valid Canadian Study permit. The applicants should hold an A grade throughout the duration of their course. For masters, students can avail themselves of the scholarship for two years.

 Australia Awards Scholarship

This scholarship is awarded to students who are willing to study in Australia. Applicants need to be 18+ years of age, fulfilling Australian Visa requirements. Also, a minimum score of 6.5 in IELTS or 78iBT in TOEFL is essential.

 GREAT Scholarship

This scholarship is awarded to 100 students who are willing to pursue their studies from the UK. The applicants should have a UG degree from their country of origin relevant work experience in their interest of study.

Central Sector Scheme of National Overseas Scholarship

The Ministry of Social Justice and Empowerment of the Government of India awards this scholarship. This fellowship gives financial aid to students planning to pursue their Master’s from institutions/universities outside of the US. A total number of 100 students shall receive this one-year scholarship, which is open to all individuals interested in pursuing an MBA.

Preparing for Application, Interview, and Essay

There are numerous factors that highly influence your application for admission to a foreign university other than your profile. You need to be prepared for the different stages before you get admission to the university. These stages include your resume, essays and LORs that can maximise the chances of your selection. Go through the various preparation tips mentioned below:

  • Interview 
  • Resume 
  • Essay & LOR


MBA interviews are necessary for admission in the business schools for each applicant. A Master in Business Administration interview is the best opportunity to impress the admissions committee by presenting yourself in a professional manner. Applicants may also learn a lot about the college by asking the interviewer questions. It is critical to approach the interview as if it were an exam and to study for it in advance. Take at least a week to rehearse your responses and body language. Regardless of the mode of interview, the tone and tempo of your voice, your accent, and your confidence matter.


MBA interviews are necessary for admission in the business schools for each applicant. A Master in Business Administration interview is the best opportunity to impress the admissions committee by presenting yourself in a professional manner. Applicants may also learn a lot about the college by asking the interviewer questions. It is critical to approach the interview as if it were an exam and to study for it in advance. Take at least a week to rehearse your responses and body language. Regardless of the mode of interview, the tone and tempo of your voice, your accent, and your confidence matter.

Essay & LOR

These two documents portray your academic and professional journey as a whole which helps the admissions committee to evaluate your profile better. Try to showcase life experiences that are not mentioned in your resume and how these experiences make you the perfect candidate.

Jobs After Completing Studies

After, successfully completing a Master in Business Administration from a foreign university, students get numerous opportunities to serve the corporate world. Students can work in fields such as Information Technology, Human Resources, Banking, Asset Management, Sports, Media, Sales, Banking, and Health Care.

Some of the top companies which are top employers for MBA graduates are:

  • JP Morgan
  • The Boston Consulting Group (BCG)
  • Amazon
  • Walt Disney
  • Facebook
  • Bain & Company
  • Microsoft
  • Citigroup
  • Apple
  • McKinsey & Company
  • Goldman Sachs

The following table represents the average annual salary of Master in Business Administration graduates from various countries:


Average Salary 

United States

102,100 USD/year


99,800 USD/year


98,400 USD/year


82,700 USD/year

United Kingdom

92,400 USD/year


123,500 USD/year


98,500 USD/year


98,500 USD/year


86,400 USD/year

Frequently Asked Questions

Can students from science backgrounds opt to pursue MBA from a foreign country?

Yes, just go through the eligibility criteria of the particular university in the country of your choice.

What is the right time to pursue MBA?

There is no right or wrong timing to acquire an MBA; it is entirely up to you. Before enrolling in an MBA programme, the majority of MBA students have at least five years of professional experience. So, it’s always a good idea to have a bit of work experience before going for MBA.

What is the benefit of pursuing an MBA from a foreign country?

Pursuing an MBA while studying abroad provides you with the opportunity to earn a globally recognised degree. Also, you can explore work prospects in countries where you can earn a higher salary and advance your career.

How can the MBA program help me in starting a venture on my own?

 During your MBA course, you come across classmates with comparable interests. You get the opportunity to share thoughts with them and see if you can come up with a shared vision. If you have a trusted partner who has your back, it will be easier to succeed with your start-up. On average, alumni from a reputed business school arm themselves with the relevant experience, knowledge, and a business partner too..

Which is the right MBA program to pursue?

Depending upon your professional and personal career, you should select the MBA program.

How can pursuing an MBA abroad cannot be beneficial for an Indian student?

Being an international student, you should have a clear understanding of the upcoming events ahead. However, if you are not able to spare a definite time duration for the program or finances then, pursuing an MBA from abroad can prove worthless.