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Yale School of Management MBA Review

The Yale School of Management is a graduate business school at Yale University in New Haven, Connecticut. Yale MBA offers a practice-led education approach in business and organization management.

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Yale School of Management Introduction (Overview of Yale MBA)



International Students




Alumni Network






Course Duration

2 years


Course Fee





Yale MBA Class Profile


The institution draws students from a variety of backgrounds and interests who are open-minded and intellectually curious. Because of Yale MBA’s small size, welcoming attitude, and emphasis on working in groups, the diversity becomes a great strength and an opportunity for students to widen their horizons and expand their network.

Average Age






Average Work Ex

4.4 Years

Average GPA


Class Size


Yale School of Management MBA Acceptance Rate

Yale places a premium on academic achievement. This means that academic ability is the most important factor to consider when evaluating a candidate. Your high school transcript is the most crucial document in your application because it tells Yale a lot about your academic motivation and performance over time. Yale seeks students who have regularly excelled in a wide range of rigorous high school subjects. The acceptance rate of Yale SOM is 29.7%.

Program and Curriculum of Yale MBA

The MBA program at Yale School of Management gives you the opportunity to expand your perspective through an integrated curriculum. It will broaden your skills and expertise in the field of management. In addition, the school offers you various clubs which you can be a part of, thereby developing your personality. The school also offers different career opportunities, providing you with a better future.

Core Courses

  • Managing Groups and Teams
  • Basics of Accounting
  • Probability Modeling and Statistics
  • Basics of Economics
  • Modelling Managerial Decisions
  • Introduction to Negotiation
  • Global Virtual Teams
  • Competitor
  • Customer
  • Investor
  • Power and Politics
  • Sourcing and Managing Funds
  • State and Society
  • Workforce
  • Innovator
  • Operations Engine
  • The Global Macroeconomy
  • The Executive

Electives Courses

  • Strategic Leadership across Sectors
  • Policy Modeling
  • Entrepreneurial Finance
  • Graphic Design
  • Sociology of Markets
  • Security Analysis & Valuation
  • Entrepreneurship through Acquisition
  • Endowment Management
  • Game Theory and Market Design
  • Business Ethics
  • Race and Gender in Corporate Law and Governance
  • Global Financial Crisis
  • Interpersonal Dynamics
  • Behavioural Finance
  • Creativity and Innovation
  • Corporate Finance
  • Negotiations
  • Advanced Customer Analytics
  • Big Data
  • Personal Leadership
  • Human Capital Strategy
  • Supply Chain Management
  • Strategic Management of Nonprofit Organizations
  • Ethical Choices in Public Leadership
  • Twelve Design Ideas that Changed the World
  • Financing Green Technologies
  • Economic Strategy for Doing Business in Developing Countries
  • Advanced Business Analysis with Spreadsheets
  • Competitive Strategy
  • Green Building Intensive

Extra-Curricular Activities

The Yale School of Management places a high value on students’ overall development. As a result, they provide students with a variety of clubs and organizations to choose from. Students can also do internships or attend another business school or travel to a nonprofit consulting firm to gain international experience. These possibilities will allow students to discover new skills and widen their horizons.


Travel for a weeklong course at another business school, study with students from around the world in a virtual global course, or travel for a nonprofit consulting engagement—and enhance your global acumen.

Summer Internship

Summer internship positions at SOM are as diverse as the students themselves, ranging from tech to nonprofit, finance to startup. They provide you with the opportunity to try out a new industry or function, build connections, stretch yourself, and put what you’ve learned in your first year into practice.

Clubs and Organizations

  • Adam Smith Society
  • Africa Business and Society
  • Black Business Alliance
  • Business & Politics
  • Startup and Entrepreneurship
  • Impact Investing
  • Korean American Business Association
  • WiLD (Wilderness Leadership Development)
  • Women In Management
  • Business & The Environment
  • Consulting
  • Design and Innovation
  • Economic Development
  • Finance Club
  • FinTech
  • General Management
  • Human Capital & Organizational Performance Club (HCOP)
  • Investment Management
  • Marketing Club
  • Media and Entertainment
  • Private Equity & Venture Capital Club
  • Retail
  • Technology Club

Eligibility and Requirements for getting into Yale SOM MBA (How to get into Yale MBA)


  • A four-year bachelor’s degree from an accredited U.S. institution or the international equivalent.
  • GMAT, GRE or the Executive Assessment (EA): there is no minimum score to apply.

Document Related to the Application

  • Transcripts from every college or university attended
  • Two professional recommendations
  • Resume
  • Official GMAT or GRE score (valid within five years of exam date)

Yale MBA Deadlines

Yale School of Management accepts applications in three intakes each year and levies a non-refundable but waivable application fee of $250 USD to all applicants.

Yale MBA SOM Employment/Placement


Yale School of Management provides you with career paths to top positions across different industries. Big organizations make their way to hire students from this School. You are trained as a leader and a businessman, which initiates you in shaping your career in the best way. Many Alumni have made their way onto the top positions in companies such as Deloitte, Google and many more.





Top Sectors Hiring Yale MBA Graduates

MBA Graduates

Companies recruiting from Yale School Of Management MBA

Yale School of Management MBA alumni goes on to hold top positions in various industries. When you join SOM, you become part of an extensive network of over 10,000 alumni working in multiple sectors and functions. The school’s objective is to train leaders for business, which typically takes them through numerous industries or to entrepreneurial jobs.

Consulting Sector

  • A.T. Kearney
  • The Alexander Group
  • Analysis Group, Inc.
  • McKinsey & Company
  • Mercer
  • Infosys Limited
  • Innosight LLC
  • Genpact Process Solutions


  • 25 Madison
  • 500 Startups
  • Accion International
  • Acumen
  • Flagstaff Partners
  • DBL Partners
  • Morgan Stanley


  • Adobe Systems Incorporated
  • AgriDigital
  • Apple, Inc.
  • Lenovo
  • LinkedIn
  • Glassdoor
  • Google

Yale MBA Alumni Info

The Yale SOM alumni network is a close-knit community with supportive successful individuals. Around 10,000+ alumni are working all across the world at top positions in big organizations. They have achieved big success and have been supportive towards after batches. Alumni of Yale SOM have always been in connection with the School and its students. They are always available to share career advice and insights into the industries they are currently working in.

Some Famous Alumni

  • Beth Axelrod (Batch of ’89): Senior Vice President of Human Resources at eBay.
  • Chuck Slaughter (Batch of ’90): Founder and CEO of Living Goods.
  • Kathie Julian (Batch of ’84): Country Director for Georgia at the Asian Development Bank.

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Application Essay for Yale MBA

The Yale school of management takes overall two essays in which; one is compulsory, and the other one is optional.

Essays for college applications are a fantastic method to impress admissions officers. You may start with an anecdote or a funny story that illustrates some of the better qualities of your personality and character, giving the admissions team some insight into who you are. Universities are looking for depth of thought, so don’t try to arrange your essay around terminology or concepts that have been used many times before; instead, base it on your own personal convictions.

Essay 1 – Compulsory – Describe the biggest commitment you have ever made. (500 words maximum)
Essay 2 – Optional: If any aspect of your candidacy needs further explanation (unexplained gaps in work experience, choice of recommenders, academic performance, promotions or recognition, etc.), please provide a brief description here. (200 words maximum)

Letter of Recommendation for Yale School Of Management MBA


The most important thing to remember about letters of recommendation for graduate school is that they must be provided by someone who knows you professionally. The LORs of each recommender should, in theory, emphasise various attributes. Your letter of recommendation may also be utilised to assess your financial aid application.

As a result, a significant LOR is needed. Send the specified amount of letters (no less and no more). Two letters of recommendation are required for admission to Yale MBA programme, so make sure you approach two distinct people with varying levels of interaction. One of the letters of recommendation should come from your most recent supervisor, director, or senior. Remember that the recommendation letter should add value to your application by proving the program’s relevance to you.

The Yale School of Management requires two LORs from two different professional seniors. Ideally, the recommender needs to write four strengths and one weakness, which he/she has assessed while working with you. Also, the strengths and weaknesses need to be supported by a situational example.

Interview Questions for Yale MBA

You will have the opportunity to meet with a representative from the business school during an interview. It’s a great way to show your interest in the course, build a relationship with the people who work there, and show who you are. Interviewing is a skill that needs practice to master.

SET 1 :

Q1: Can you share a professional achievement that you are proud of?
Q2: What are your post-MBA goals, and what inspired you to pursue those?
Q3: Choose one professional experience where you succeeded at something and talk about the outcome.
Q4: If you could tell me about a professional experience when you consider the perspective of someone different from you. And how did that perspective inform the outcome, if at all?
Q5: Which of our values speaks to you and why?
Q6: How does an MBA fit into your career? A lot of people do a lot of research and preparation to understand how the MBA works. What kind of preparation have you done to ensure that the MBA is the next best step for you?
Q7: How can Yale help you on this journey? What are some of the resources you’re looking forward to?
Q8: Which other schools have to apply to?
Q9: What are your short- and long-term career goals? Where do you see yourself in 5 years?
Q10: Tell us about a challenging situation that you faced? How did you resolve it?

SET 2:

Q1: Which other schools did you apply to and why? Have you applied to any other school?
Q2: How would you contribute to the Yale SOM experience?
Q3: What do you like to do in your spare time?
Q4: Tell us about a challenging situation that you faced? How did you resolve it?
Q5: If you were the CEO of your company, what are the three things that would keep you awake?
Q6: Why did you choose the list of organisations you want to work with post completion of the program? How do you plan to land a job with them?
Q7: Why did you choose the role/profile you want to work for after your MBA?
Q8: How do you plan to find a job post-MBA at Yale? What research have you done?
Q9: Which clubs and societies would you like to join at the university?
Q10: Tell me one reason that we should not select you?

What makes Yale SOM MBA Unique


  • Action-learning pedagogy curriculum will prepare graduates with a business or non-business degree to innovate, lead, and transform through a combination of academic rigour and real-world relevance.
  • The MBA program will enable you to build on your experience, transit and prepare for a career shift, and help you become future-ready in an ever-changing employment market.
  • The piquant curriculum of Yale SOM emphasises the development of creativity, analytical skill, and teamwork.
  • Students from all over the world can take online courses taught by instructors from any of the Global Network’s member schools.
  • The program will enable you to build a network that spans the globe and widen your perspective by seeing the world through other points of view.


Master of Business Administration is one of the best courses to pursue if you want to learn more about international business. Yale University’s MS Degree in International Business has consistently ranked among the top global universities. Because of its high graduate employability rate, international students prefer this course at Yale University.

Yale University provides exceptional educational quality, cutting-edge practical learning, and numerous employment opportunities to its international students. Students who earn their MS in International Business from Yale University will be able to conduct extensive research in the field.



7 Step Game Plan to Build your Profile for 2023 Intake

Limited Slots Left


1. Is there a concentration in the Yale MBA programme?

The Yale School of Management has added a Management Science specialization to its MBA and Master of Advanced Management degrees, allowing non-American graduates to stay in the United States for up to 36 months.

2. Is there a major in the Yale MBA programme?

The MBA programme at Yale SOM does not provide majors; instead, you can choose electives based on your academic and professional interests.

3. Is Yale SOM regarded as prestigious?

In the nonprofit speciality rating, Yale SOM has remained at the top. In its annual rating of 100 full-time global MBA programmes, the Financial Times placed Yale SOM 4th internationally and 2nd among US schools.

4. What is the minimum GPA for a Yale MBA?

The average GMAT score of students admitted to Yale SOM’s class of 2022 is 3.65. The GPAs of the middle 80% of admitted students range from 3.31 to 3.92.

5. Is work experience required for a Yale MBA?

While full-time work experience is highly recommended, it is not required for admission. However, Yale MBA students have an average of five years of work experience.

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